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We make a range of award winning marmalades as well as seasonal jams using the best of British fruit!

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Award-winning Breakfast Marmalade

Our original award-winner, this mixed citrus marmalade is made with Seville and blood oranges, grapefruit and lemons - a zingy start to your day. Bronze medal in the World Marmalade Awards in 2014 and 2015.

Ingredients: Unrefined sugar, Seville oranges, lemons, blood oranges, pink grapefruit

Award-winning Lemon and Lime Marmalade

Our proudest moment yet! A Silver in the 2016 marmalade awards. This is our marmalade for people who don’t like marmalade! No oranges here, just fresh and zesty lemons and limes in a soft set delight.

Ingredients: Unrefined sugar, lemons, limes

Seville Orange & Pomegranate Marmalade

A classic marmalade with an exotic twist - a hint of pomegranate is the perfect pairing in this orangey number!

Ingredients: Unrefined sugar, Seville oranges, pomegranate, lemon juice, water

Quince Jam

Made with homegrown quince, this jam is great on toast, but even better on cheese!

Ingredients: Quince, unrefined sugar, water, lemon juice