the word on the street...


Ella Caulier-Grice

Shepherds Bush

"The pastries and desserts are delicious, perfectly executed and beautifully presented. You can seedifferent cultural influences resonate through her food. I love especially how Salima always puts her own twist on traditional recipes making them far more interesting and tasty! I can always depend on her to produce the highest quality of food!"

Ella & Victoria Catering


"Salima's macarons are the best in London."



 "Breadren catered my father's birthday party as I was too busy to cook and the food was much better than something I could have done. 

I didn't need to do anything on the day, it was presented beautifully, delilcious and there were ample leftovers!"



Corporate Customer

"What I love about Salima is that I have asked her ti cater over 10 dinners of mine and each time it has been a different style.

Mediterranean to Arab to Indian and African - I find she is able to offer an eclectic range of dishes that are delicious and affordable. 

I would thoroughly recommend her business."