Are you looking for new ways to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing?

Do you feel disconnected from food and cooking?

Do you struggle with a negative story around food?

Are you someone who feels they have no idea about spirituality or how to apply the principles of self care in their hectic daily lives?

In my upcoming workshops: “Cooking and Eating for Joy: Nourish your Soul”, I want to share my approach to having a joyful and positive relationship with food, and the ways that this can be built upon to incorporate spiritual practices more into day to day life, to build a joyful and positive relationship with yourself. Join me for a half day of simple, mindful, food-centred activities!

I’m not here to offer nutritional science, or preach diets or destructive food fads. I want to share the joy that I get from my relationship with food, and what I have learnt about the importance of food in spirituality, and wellbeing far beyond the physical. Having left a corporate job some years ago to turn my passion for food and cooking into a career, looking for purpose in what I did day to day, it wasn’t until I embraced both my own spirituality and the spiritual aspects of food and cooking that I really started to find meaning and fulfilment in what I do, and to work on healing spiritual wounds I never knew I had.

I’ve done it all - followed the path set out for me into a high-stress corporate job, burnt out and got crazy, packed it all in to pursue a vocation, burned out in that and ended up with a life I didn’t like and a massive void marked ‘fulfilling and meaningful work’. The only consistency, the only unconditional and unfailing relationship has been the one I have with food - cooking, eating, sharing it. And nearly ten years ago when I decided I had to follow my passion and pursue a career working in food, I had no idea that for me food was my link to this magical wonderful thing called the Universe - the pull I felt to follow that dream was actually only the beginning of a journey which has led me to do a huge amount of work on myself and the subconscious conditioning that has held me back, even once I decided to leave that job and follow that dream.

So here I am, from a hedonistic, alcohol and indulgence filled lifestyle to numb the pain of being, frankly, miserable in a stressful job I didn’t want to do, to a yoga-practising, retreat running, nature-loving, meat-free, exercise-crazed, cake-obsessed chef and food maniac. My life and mindset has changed (and is still changing) so much - and completely by choice, often deliberate (but not laboured), sometimes (and increasingly) totally intuitive. 

All of this because I’m obsessed with food? Actually yes. I would never have learned to love myself or listen to my intuition more generally in life if I didn’t have that relationship with food already. I’m not sure I would have even understood the concepts of things like Source Energy, Abundance or Mindfulness without being able to access them through my love of food - it’s like my spiritual soulmate.

So, join me for a half day of simple, mindful, food-centred activities to reconnect to the joy of food:

  • Explore how to identify and work with externally driven subconscious and limiting beliefs around food, diet and weight

  • Access your emotional and intuitive connection to what you eat

  • Learn about self care and practical spirituality in day to day life both with food and beyond

  • Prepare and eat a shared meal of simple, delicious plant-based food

  • Plus a goody bag so you can take the joy home with you!

Upcoming dates:

26 September 2019

10, 17 October 2019

14, 27, 28 November 2019

5, 12, 19 December 2019




Fulham, SW6


£125 per person


“Sal the chef made the most incredible food, I have come away truly inspired with a zest for eating well” - Siobhan