Sal Dhalla

Head chef and founder Sal, is a Londoner, trained at the renowned Leiths School of Food and WIne.

Sal finds inspiration from her African and Indian heritage as well as her London roots to create flavours that are truly unique seeing her win awards and gain a reputation for being a talented cuisinière.

Sal's partner, family and friends form a strong part of the team, making Breadren a special, home focused venture.


Corrie McCallum

Corrie met Sal four years ago and jumped straight on board with Breadren. At every opportunity they explore all the exciting food offerings that they can find in London and use these expeditions to get new ideas and inspiration.

Corrie is a senior yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, anatomy teacher and student Osteopath, regularly pairing these skills with Breadren to run food and wellness retreats and events.

Being a terrible cook, Corrie works behind the scenes with all things creative, admin and marketing. Of all her tasks, Corrie is most passionate about being chief taste tester.


Billie & Soba

Every superhero needs a sidekick and whilst Sal is dashing around being the mastermind behind all the delicious Breadren creations, these two bundles of fluff keep her grounded and sane.

When they're not dreaming of chasing squirrels, they love walking around farmers markets and street food stalls, exploring all the yummy smells and waiting for their humans to drop tasty morsels of whatever they've discovered.