Leaving nothing but footprints

All of our efforts to create delicious, artisan edibles that delight the tastebuds and nourish the body is worth nothing, if we aren't caring for the land, air and sea that created the perfect environment for all of our seasonal ingredients to grow.

It's easy to grow profits when you use cheap, processed ingredients, cheap plastic packaging and underpay your staff and suppliers, but what is the true cost of running a business that way?

We are really proud of all the extra hours and money we've put into creating a business that is conscious of it's environmental and social impact and hope to inspire others to do the same. 



We take environmental sustainability very seriously and all of our packaging is plant based and biodegradable.

Everything we sell at our markets is vegetarian and we have many vegan options, including vegan and vegetarian salad boxes, vegan fennel and cardamom coconut sugar cookies and vegan matcha mochi cakes.

We don't throw food away, we carefully make just enough and no more, anything left over is eaten by Breadren staff... one of the perks of the job!



Our ingredients are sourced as locally and seasonally as possible, mostly from other small batch producers to support independent businesses and ensure the highest quality of produce.

Nature is pretty smart and each season the nutrients your body needs are provided with the new harvest, so we use these seasonal bounties to inspire our regularly changing menu.

Another benefit in using local, seasonal food is cutting down on the CO2 emissions involved in food import and also means the time from field to plate is cut down, giving us fresh, nutritiously dense, flavour bursting ingredients.




We don't just have staff, we have Breadren, which means our team don't work for us, they work with us. We love hearing the ideas and input of our team members and in return we pay fair wages and create a fun, encouraging environment.

We recognise that not everyone is as privileged as us and our customers, so we support various charities for those who are struggling to simply make it meal to meal.