Nourish your Soul: Food as a Tool for Mindful Living

Are you looking for new ways to improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your employees?

Does your organisation want to provide better access to wellness, spirituality, and an understanding of how to apply the principles of self care in the hectic daily lives of everyone working in it?

Supporting your employees to create a positive relationship with food and practical spirituality can form an integral part of your wellness programme.

I’m not here to offer nutritional science or preach diets. I’m here to bring a new angle to workplace wellness, share the joy that I get from my relationship with food and what I have learnt about the importance of food in spirituality, and wellbeing far beyond the physical. I left a high-stress corporate job some years ago to turn my passion for food and cooking into a career, looking for purpose in what I did day to day, and subconsciously looking for an antidote to a lifestyle that was unsustainable, and detrimental to my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. I was prone to burnout and didn’t really recognise it in myself when it happened, by which point it felt like I had reached the point of no return.

Having experienced all the pitfalls of living without regard to my own needs, or any routine of self care or physical activity, I wasn’t able to carry on what I was doing. Thankfully it led me on a wonderful journey to become a chef, eventually running my own catering business and yoga & food retreats. 

But I do still get the occasional email from my old consultancy firm about rehiring opportunities. I know how expensive and undesirable low employee retention is - it’s a massive issue in the hospitality industry as well as in highly demanding corporate roles. And running my own business has given huge insight into how much impact small efforts to improve working environments and setting an example of self care can make - after working in restaurant kitchens I vowed I would never create such an unpleasant working environment for my staff. And I regularly get emails from my event staff asking to be rehired in the future because mine are dream jobs.

We spend the majority of our time working - and whilst expecting it to be a dream at all times might seem lofty, there’s no reason it should cause physical, mental and emotional stress!

So how can I help bring this into your workplace? I offer talks and workshops focused on using food as a practical tool to access mindfulness and more conscious living. By sharing my approach to having a joyful and positive relationship with food, I explore the ways that this can be built upon to incorporate spiritual practices more into day-to-day life, to build a joyful and positive relationship with yourself.

For groups of up to 20 people, I can offer a 1 or 2 hour workshop offering a practical and tangible introduction to reconnecting to the joy of food and exploring spirituality in day-to-day life:

  • Explore how to identify and work with externally driven subconscious and limiting beliefs around food, diet and weight

  • Access your emotional and intuitive connection to what you eat

  • Learn about self care and practical spirituality in day to day life both with food and beyond

  • Interactive Q&A and tasting 

“Sal the chef made the most incredible food, I have come away truly inspired with a zest for eating well” - Siobhan