• Breadren (map)
  • Fulham Palace Road
  • SW6 6NS
  • United Kingdom

June 21st

Wednesday 6.30pm - 9.30pm

£55 for 1 place   .   £99 for 2 places

We believe cooking without meat and gluten should be as exciting, challenging and delicious as cooking with them. There's no need to sacrifice on flavour or enjoyment and we can show you how!

In this cooking class you will learn how to create a naturally gluten free 3 course vegetarian meal, food that is simple, fantastically tasty and nutritiously dense.  Leave with recipes, good memories and a full tummy that's happy and healthy.

Inspired by cuisines from around the world that use little gluten and lots of veggies, our head chef Sal will guide you through recipes to create your own glorious three course meal, through a mixture of demonstration and hands on cooking. Typical recipes include (subject to change): 'bher puri'; chickpea & herb pancakes, raw mango salad and turmeric potatoes; saffron and cardamom rice pudding

Hands on cooking will be done individually and in pairs / small groups, with additional demonstrations and tasting included. And of course plenty of food to enjoy!

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