• Breadren (map)
  • Fulham Palace Road
  • SW6 6NS
  • United Kingdom

July 19th

Wednesday 6.30pm - 9.30pm

£55 for 1 place   .   £99 for 2 places

Ever wondered why a simple dish that you make at home tastes so much better in a restaurant?  The secret is all in the art of seasoning well and the delicate balancing of spice, zest and flavours to bring the best out of your food.

Our head chef Sal will guide you through a number of recipes / techniques through a mixture of demonstration and hands on cooking. The focus will be on understanding how to get the most flavour out of simple, high quality ingredients. Typical themes include: vegetable cooking, proper seasoning, successful pairing of flavours. 

All food will be vegetarian and there will be pleny of tips, recipes and lots of delicious food for you to tuck into along the way. Hands on cooking will be done individually and in pairs / small groups, with additional demonstrations and tasting included.

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