Food, the Universe and Me

I have never been a spiritual person, and growing up in an immigrant Muslim family I shunned religion. Coming from a high-achieving intellectual family, I have always valued logic and reason above all else. I suppressed and diminished my intuition to the point of not knowing or caring for myself or my body in a way that was sustainable or loving. 

I have, however, always been obsessed with food, and I gave up a corporate career I never wanted, to pursue my dream of working in food, with the ultimate intention of finding true purpose and happiness in my life, 8 years after the change I still felt something was missing. All the joy and success I had promised myself in making the change, and the confidence I had to make it happen, suddenly evaporated. I had managed to turn my dream into drudgery. 

After a lot of soul searching and coaching, I yearned for authenticity and real joy in my life. My chef career unintentionally started to steer towards wellness (I now accept this as a gift from the universe) and I began to want a piece of that Zen-ness and universal magic. Deferring to the far greater wisdom of my life & business coach, I decided to go full on hippy woo-woo and started by dragging myself to yoga having found it so frustrating for all the years I had had the chance to practice it, having Reiki regularly, and doing as much physical activity as made me feel good. I decided to do that internal work, searching for and learning about my emotions and intuition. I limited my workload, and dedicated myself to learning how to love myself so that I could unite with my purpose and power and finally get fulfilment and joy.

This journey has led me to start working at the boundary of food and spirituality, helping people access practical spirituality and day-to-day mindfulness through a joyful relationship with food. It’s not about nutritional science, diets or food fads. It’s not about telling people what to eat or when to eat it. It’s not about intuitive eating (although it may sound like it is at times), it’s not a roadmap to enlightenment. Instead I hope for it to be a bridge across what can seem like insurmountable voids – between diet culture and eating for pleasure, and between logic / reasoning, and a faith in the immeasurable and abundant power of the ‘universe’ which I still find mind-blowing to fathom (you may use other words for this, like God, Source energy, the force – labels aren’t relevant in the long run). 

Want to learn more? Join me for a Cooking and Eating for Joy: Nourish your Soul Workshop in London for a day of mindful, joyful, food-centred activities!

Salima DhallaComment